Sofluro Safari


EL wire, suave-styling and lots of coffee and late nights

A classic colonial hunting outfit updated to modern day safety standards.

Billy Texas  of  Bullseye Billy's Brolesque

Billy's debut performance on the Burlesque scene was in early 2013, but previous to that, he had walked the shadows as a photographer, working live music and Burlesque shows across sydney.

After many years of photographing performances, he could no longer contain himself and made the jump to performer, entering the stage as an unknown, but leaving a star!

Pioneering his own version of the new genre Brolesque, he draws upon the classic movie stars and celebrities of yesteryear, when men were men, moustaches were mandatory and everyone had a deep dark secret, but they hid it well.

Combine this with a healthy dose of modern day pop culture, a touch of satire, a whopping big dollop of thrusting and a "come at me Brolesque!" attitude and you have...

Bullseye Billy's Brolesque!

@billyssafariadventures for fashion inspiration, education and to see other suits in Billy's range.