Polyester Organza, Cotton Organdy, Synthetic Chiffon, Interfacing, Polyester lining, LEDS

LEDs (ws2812 RGB pixel strip, Flora RGB smart neo-pixel), flora microcontrollers

...  tetrahedral forms and the iridescent cape with raised scales suggests a being residing in watery depths ...

The ensemble takes its initial inspiration from Art Deco fashion and Bauhaus costume design, while origami techniques being the catalyst for its construction.

The dress is based on a crystalline structure made up predominantly of angles and tetrahedral forms and the iridescent cape with raised scales suggests a being residing in watery depths. Furthermore, the LED matrix across the dress and cape brings the ensemble to life, as a bioluminescent system.


Photo: DuskDevi

Photo: DuskDevi

Nelia Justo-square.jpg

NELIA JUSTO is a costume designer, media artist and sculptor.

She employs a range of methods and materials in her work to produce sculptures, installations -- and more recently wearable-tech garments -- that engage in a dialogue between the East and West; between the language of decorative arts and electronic technologies.

Nelia attained her bachelor degree in visual arts at Sydney College of the Arts and master's degree at University of Western Sydney. Over the years, she has participated in international exhibitions in Thailand, UK, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Singapore, NZ and locally across Australia. She has participated in art symposiums and artist-in-residency programs (China, Thailand, NZ, France, Australia). Additional related pursuits have included collaborating with other artists in developing exhibitions, producing costumes and designing graphic work, teaching art through discussion tours in galleries and conducting sculpture workshops.


NICK WISHART is composer and sound designer. 

He works with embedded electronics, adapting and repurposing existing and emerging domestic technologies and intuitive physical interfaces to create new audio/visual interfaces. 

Nick uses embedded electronics, sensors, audio-visual production and circuit bending to create interactive devices such as the Bio-luminescent jellyfish featured in ERTH’s Prehistoric Aquarium as well as an RGB sensitive Chameleon commissioned for Vivid Sydney at Taronga Zoo 2016. 

In addition to Nick’s musical composition work he creates unique electronic instruments using circuit bending techniques and is a founding member of the all toy band Toydeath.

Formed in 1995, Toydeath have played throughout Australia with notable performances at the Sydney Biennale 2010, Big Day Out, The Great Escape as well as international tours to Europe, USA and Asia.