"Can’t Afford the Pain"


Mobile app.* iphone/ipad. AR wearables.
Performance + runway / follow up AR modelled outfit

...  a one of a kind interactive augmented video clip for the mid 21st Century ...

“Can’t Afford the Pain” brings performance and augmented reality together as collaborative duo ab:nb team up with alt-drag diva Ladonna Rama to produce a one of a kind interactive augmented video clip for the mid 21st Century.

Taking on a retro-future fashion aesthetic Ladonna Rama performs the moody classic from her second album augmented by an evolving narrative that will reveal some of the secrets of the Ladonna Rama origin story.

Premiering at Vivid Sydney 2018, with further performance dates to be announced. If you can’t make it, Ladonna Rama also offers an AR tabletop dance.

DOWNLOAD:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ladonnarama/id1392887144
*This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.



are Andrew Burrell and Nori Beppu – bringing together media art and design in new and unexpected ways.

Andrew Burrell is a practice-based researcher and educator exploring virtual and digitally mediated environments as a site for the construction, experience and exploration of memory as narrative.

His ongoing research investigates the relationship between imagined and remembered narrative and how the multi-layered biological and technological encoding of human subjectivity may be portrayed within, and inform the design of, virtual and augmented environments. He is a lecturer in Visual Communication at the University of Technology Sydney. http://miscellanea.com

Nori Beppu is a graphic designer specialising in print and digital media.

He is as comfortable directing a major marketing campaign as he is designing interfaces for apps and other digital products. He is excited by the power of contemporary technology to create immersive and playful environments and brings his unique eye and skill set to the projects of ab:nb.

Teetering somewhere between the performance art and queer club scenes, electro bowerbird Ladonna Rama produces campy techno and perverted pop.

Her self-titled electronic debut from 2014 "embodies the avant-pop of a pint-sized singing budgie on the edge of acceptability". Ladonna’s second album “Unzip the Chick” appeared in 2016 with remixes by Hectic and Matt Vaughan for house track “I’m on a Mission” and dom anthem “I’ll Require Your Full Attention". She’s currently working on her third album expected late 2018. She has performed in Sydney, Melbourne, Helsinki, Tokyo and New York. https://www.ladonnarama.com/