Element 8


PLA, TPU filament, Lycra, plastic & LED’s. Utilising a combination of machine 3D printed componentry and hand manipulated 3D printed technologies (3D printer pen), extruded plastic film, LED lighting effects as well as digital interactivity.

...  Informed by aquatic ecosystems and designed to mimic the translucent, reflective and blue toned aesthetic of oxygen ...

Part human, mostly augmented... A future self, one that is smarter, cleaner, more resilient, more adaptive, all while still maintaining a sense of humanity. This evolved, hydrogen based, mechanically formed, human souled being now nurtures our planet rather than destroying it.

Informed by aquatic ecosystems and designed to mimic the translucent, reflective and blue toned aesthetic of oxygen as well as an advanced humanoid being.

Our old form furrows lands to infertility, it breeds animals for destruction, it strips land for throw away playthings, it commoditises water as sludge and filters oxygen into poisons. Our new form only embraces knowledge, art and recreation. This new hydrogen-based form only pollutes as water and oxygen.

This new breed of beings is Element 8.


ericagrayartist_updates_15062018_fb (1).jpg

Erica Gray a soft sculpture
and wearables artist.

Her interest is in both traditional sewing techniques as well as technology based and infused methods within her art pieces. Often utilising elements of freehand extruded printing, machine-based 3D printing, synthetic materials as well as incorporating Artificial Luminescence effects.

Her work has been displayed nationally and internationally in events such as the World of Wearable Art Awards Show in New Zealand as well as a finalist within the iconic National WOW Museum, Nelson, NZ for six consecutive years. Wearable/tech events such as BODY HACKING CON, Texas USA, The Paradigm Gallery +Studio in the USA, SARTorial with DLUX Media Arts as well as a number of exhibitions within regional galleries, most recently Erica was a finalist in Townsville's 2017 Strand Ephemera exhibition where she took home the Award for Artistic Excellence and Runner-Up in the Wearable Technology Award in the 2017 World of WearableArt Awards Show.


Zoran Zivanovic is an
architect and director of Zoran Architecture, based on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Having over 30 years of experience behind him in the architectural field, he holds a strong bond for the design, detailing and construction processes Architecture entails, and also has a deep interest in all things technology.

His greatest interest is in the blending of technology and architecture… more so the processes for design, visualisation and pre-construction rather than the implementation of technology within construction. His design thesis “The Evolution of Virtual Cities” was his first foray into this meshing, and has followed on with other interests such as Virtual Reality, 3D Visualisation, 3D Printing, Software Coding and Circuitry.