Draped in Light


3D printing, fibre optics and electronics

...  if light itself was a material how would you use it to make something to wear...
Draped in Light.jpg

The inspiration behind the fibre optic dress was that if light itself was a material how would you use it to make something to wear, and how you could take advantage of something that was not static like traditional clothing but rather the material could change to interact with the wearer, the viewers and the environment.

The dress utilises a combination of traditional dress building materials and techniques and blends it with modern 3D printing, fibre optics and electronics. Programmable LEDs housed in a 3D printed buckle at the front provide the light which is then distributed all over the dress via the fibre optics to give the appearance of being draped in nothing but light. The colours and patterns produced are a visualisation designed specifically to complement the music being played during a stage performance.


Husband and wife creative team Kiri Pedersen and William Goschnick are the perfect mix of practical and dreamer.

Creating costumes, props and headpieces that predominantly Kiri can perform in,  both living dual lives until they win the lotto and create their dream place to continue developing their creative ideas into reality.

William by day works for a private utility as a mechanical engineer in the asset management department, where dealing with maintenance and reliability of multi-million-dollar pieces of equipment is the norm. But by night and weekends he is an avid geek, nerd, tinkerer and builder of costumes, props and gizmos.

William has been tinkering designing, programming, building and creating in one-way shape or form ever since he was about 8 or 9 years old and there is nothing in his apartment that hasn’t been pulled apart, put back together and tried to be changed or improved in some way. William specialises in electro-mechanical things or enhancing existing items with electro-mechanical items. Working to produce custom designs for students, performers and fellow tinkerers as a professional hobby.

Kiri by day is an event producer and production manager working on events and productions across a range of industries. She can run any sized event with the perfect combination of military precision, and creative flair. Splitting her time working on Australia’s largest water industry conference and independent circus & cabaret productions. Kiri loves working with artists and organisations to turn their concept into a reality.

By night she is a performer that has been fortunate to have graced stages nationally and international. Starting out as a circus performer many many years ago before finding her alter ego as the Hooping Harlet. As the Hooping Harlet, she is known for her signature spinning striptease which has won her the titles of Miss Burlesque Australia – Entertainer of the Year 2016 and Miss Burlesque NSW 2016.

Kiri is extremely passionate about creating art in all shapes, forms and sizes and teaming up with her husband they open a new world of traditional creativity works with technology. You can keep up to date with their adventures and designs on instagram @_kpproductions