Atomic Angel


Garment construction: Poly-netting fluorescent, fluorescent polyester, activewear, cotton lining, strapping, boning, fixtures.

Electronics: 3-axis accelerometers, Arduino Nano, micro SD card & reader, LED UV light strip, powered speakers, batteries, 3D printing & sound.

...  As master composer and performer, the wearer modulates both sound and postures by manipulating fabric folds for effect ...

Formalism, mathematics, chemistry and physics are the underlying elements that set the scene with this poetic neon ensemble.  The collision of origami folded angles, planes and curves fuse together with the phosphorescence of UV light emanating from within the garment.  

An ever-changing symphony of smashing glass and running water sounds weave through and around the garments, triggered by the choreographed articulated movements of the wearer via movement sensors.  As master composer and performer, the wearer modulates both sound and postures by manipulating fabric folds for effect.

Glass and water both exist in solid and fluid states under various temperatures. Sharp, staccato breaking glass and gurgling, swirling water dances with the rigid elements of the geometry and fluid movement of the garments. Solid and mutable elements converge in an intermediate space to inhabit a third state.


Photo:   Bala Krishnan Model: Effie Lmn

Photo: Bala Krishnan Model: Effie Lmn

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Nelia Justo employs a range of methods and materials in her work to produce sculptures, installations -- and more recently wearable-tech garments -- that engage in a dialogue between the East and West; between the language of decorative arts and electronic technologies.

Nelia attained her bachelor degree in visual arts at Sydney College of the Arts and master's degree at University of Western Sydney. Over the years, she has participated in international exhibitions in Thailand, UK, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Singapore, NZ and locally across Australia. She has participated in art symposiums and artist-in-residency programs (China, Thailand, NZ, France, Australia). Additional related pursuits have included collaborating with other artists in developing exhibitions, producing costumes and designing graphic work, teaching art through discussion tours in galleries and conducting sculpture workshops.

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Brian McNamara is an experimental instrument builder and sound sculpture artist based in Bungendore, NSW, Australia.

Brian mixes his passions for music, electronics and sculpture into unique objects that should need no explanation to play or experience but convey a deeper meaning in the context of their surroundings.

Brian builds a range of experimental instruments, with a focus on both autonomous sound art sculptures and interactive installation instruments that require the engagement of multiple people or unusual kinetic movements to be played. His instruments include computer programmed elements, percussion, found sounds from used electronics and purpose designed oscillators.

A key feature of his work is audience movement and participation. Art functions best when the art space is inclusive of the public so through his exploration of experimental sounds he uses engagement with the audience as a medium to convey ideas. These explorations include the link between the environment and technology, our own movement around the planet with movement of those fleeing war torn areas and the link between our own minds and those we try to create in machines.


Loc Nguyen is an artist working across interactive media, video, sound, performance and installation.

His works explore ideas about the every day cyborg, and examine the relationship between the human body and machines. His practice investigates the ways racial and queer identity have become mediated through digital technologies and cyberspace. He has been involved with dLux and Vivid Sydney for their wearable art show in 2017, and was recently a part of the Stephen Cummins 2018 Queer Development Program at Performance Space.